Customers Jump Up To Help Run Restaurant When Chef is Left Alone After Staff Emergency: ‘Beautiful to witness’

It’s a popular restaurant in Huntly, New Zealand, and it was packed with customers last Friday night when suddenly a staff family emergency resulted in the chef being the only one left to serve hungry patrons.

When Emily Puhi arrived at Thai Food Huntly, she saw the tables were filled and people were lined up waiting to pay or pick up their take-out food.

She realized the cook was alone, and because he was busy cooking, he couldn’t take orders or collect money.

Suddenly, a lady who was waiting to pay grabbed some paper and started waiting tables for him.

One customer then jumped in to do the dishes.

Luckily, someone in the neighboring shop offered their help, too.

“With the permission of the chef, the worker from next door ran the tills to make sure everyone paid,” Emily told the New Zealand Herald. “It was such a beautiful feeling.”

The term ‘customer service’ took on a whole new meaning—an example of humanity at its finest.

Emily wrote on Facebook, “We could easily feel the sense of community all around the place.”

“Frowns turned to smiles and grumpy waiting turned to patiently waiting. What an awesome place to live in.”